What should be the source of reading law?

This the first question which arises in the mind of law students and the person who are interested in learning law that from where we can start reading the law.


The first authentic source is the Bare Act. 
Now what is Bare Act. In simple language, Bare Act is  the exact text of a particular enactment, as it was passed by the legislature. There will be no case laws, or any other explanations to the sections, apart from what the parliament or the state legislature has made.

The best website in my view/knowledge is legislative.gov.in from where you can get the bare act. Also you can search on internet for pdf copy.

Second thing

You must have a subject book (any subject book) which can be used for explaining the various aspects of a section and related case laws. We suggest you to purchase a book which you can understand easily instead of buying books having technical language.

Case laws can be referred or searched section wise in which a particular question/issue is raised for better understanding of the law. It is not necessary that you will find cases on every section but yes on important ones.

Amendment and updation of cases on regular basis can be done through livelaw, bar and bench or any other good legal update website.

Another important thing is that when we reading the law there is one main section and there are some other section also which covers the related aspects of the main section. That we need to identify and read together.

Now let summarize the source-
1. Bare Act
2. A good Book
3. Case law on Section
4. Legal update website for continuous update

So these are the basic of source of reading law.  

Things to be taken care
Now see, you can found articles, videos on the subject in ample quantity on internet but remember that is not the authentic source. You can inline the same  to strong your understanding on subject. So follow the first four steps mentioned above and then refer the other material if you want to.

Hope this article will help you to solve you purpose up to an extent.
If you have any query or suggestions, then you are always welcome to send us through contact us page.

A link of Important Bare Acts has been given in the Bare Act Page of this website for your reference, if you want to download them. 

 Thanks and have a happy leaning.

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