How to Remember Case laws for exams ?

During the LLB Exams, the main problem faced by majority of students is to how to remember the case laws. Because it help you to fetch extra marks as well as give a good impression on the examiner that student is updated and having a interest in the subjects. It shows that whether a student is well prepared or not for the exams.  So added case laws while exam is an important task but it is not easy for all students. So in this article we will help you to remember the case laws in a very easy manner.

Few things to be kept in mind-

1. Each case law is not relevant.

2. Prepare a list of important case laws in short summary along with citation & year and also remember the strength of bench & name of judge judgment delivered, if you can.  Don’t burden your mind by mugging them up. 

3.The number of important cases varies from subject to subject. Like in Constitution, there are around 70 critical case laws. Whereas Indian Evidence Act, has approximately 50 essential case laws. 

4.  From every subject , there are approximately 50 to 60 important case laws which you need to prepared in short summary form.

(5) Just make a habit of revising the case laws in a week 2 days.

What a Students can do, If he Don’t able to remember or recall Case Laws

Sometimes even after practice, you may not remember case laws. While writing an exam,  even if you forget the name of a case, you may simply mention what is held by court  in that case. The title of a case is not essential. If you write it, then it’s good, but if you don’t specify the name, then too it is alright.

Hope this article clarifies & help upto an extent,

Happy Reading.

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