Preparation of Judiciary Exam- Points to be kept in mind ?

Before reading the article:
1. These are author personal views.
2. Every person comes from different environment so situations may very.
3. It depends on students to student based on their intellectual how they perceive the things.
4. If any contradiction in view with authors same can be resolved by comment section available at the end of post.

Every parent wishes that their child choose a good career and for that they guide the child according to their knowledge and their financial capacity. 

Role of Students Background:

There are 2 types of students:
1. Who don't have any legal background
2. Having legal background means someone already in their family or group who is aware of legal field
so it is easy for them to start their career.

The best way to prepare for judiciary exams from the day when you enrol for the LLB. But it is not possible for every students to know at this stage. So Students start preparing for this exam once they have completed their LLB. But I suggest that foundation can be laid at initial stage also. But if you have planned to start after LLB, it is not late yet. Still you have the time  to clear the exams.

Things to be kept in mind before your starting preparing for judiciary:

1. You must have financial support/capacity for at least 2-3 years otherwise in between you feel that I must left then it is very difficult to take decision.

2. If you come for powers then you are not fit for this profession. It will not give you the job satisfaction and you are mismatch for the profile. This is an important point to understand, most of you still argue or thinking opposite but that's the reality. 

3. To go for judiciary preparation a student need to develop many capabilities. One is sacrifice in your life, it can be sacrifice of food, parties, social media,friends for a long time.

4. If your are working than I personally not suggest to go for this exam because this required a lot of time which is not possible with the job requirements, even if you are a lawyer, house maker etc. You may feel demotivating at this point but that's our view.

5. It requires a continuous study of 8-10 hours daily in case you are an average students. The time span mentioned may vary from student to student.
6. It is better to join a coaching institute. Why I am saying this to you because it gives you continuity in study as well as line of process towards your goal. It upon you where you join.

 7. The best thing about preparing this exam that if you in case not able to crack this exam, you don't need to worry, you can excel also in Private sector, government law officer, Education field  and many other legal profile jobs due to your vast knowledge during these years.

Hope I have covers most of the points which you must know before going for Judiciary exam.

Last thing is that it can be done by every student whether he has studied in  LLB or not, The day when decide to study hard and excel in this field, never too late to start.

Best wishes from Study Compliance Team.

Kindly comment for further queries if any. We will try to solve your queries.



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